Business Partnership

We maintain a close relationship with our farmers

and do our best to educate them. This “grow together” partnership has helped both parties benefit immensely from the collaboration. It brings experience, quality service and insight that adds value to our clients.

Mutually Beneficial
We are working hand-in-hand as a partner

with one of the world biggest Palm Sugar buyers helping them achieve traceability and sustainability through its supply. We believe it is an endeavor which will increase the quality of palm sugar produced in Myanmar – raising it up to International standards - and improving the livelihood of Myanmar Palm Sugar farmers.

Expansion and Increase revenue
Our program began in 2012

with one farmer and just a year later, in 2013, it had grown to 170 farmers who have been trained by us and who are supplying to us. By 2015, our network expanded to encompass 2500 farmers from 53 villages as the palm sugar business registered tremendous growth, generating revenues up to US$ 5.8 million. At our new collection center in Bagan-Nyaung U, we employ over 150 workers, majority of whom are women.

Improves Quality Efficiency with us
Our goal is to promote the income of Myanmar farmers

enabling them to produce quality palm sugar that develops into a successful business they can survive on. We aspire to uplift their socio-economic status by transforming them from overworked farmers with crops unfit for the global marketplace into educated and successful cultivators with profitable exports.

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