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Zawgyi’s success-oriented local expertise makes it a reliable partner for foreign investors in sustainable sourcing, trading, logistics and distribution

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Zawgyi has a diverse portfolio of products and services. From logistics, import of leading international products, cargo clearance and warehousing to farming, sourcing, production and supply chain management of agricultural products, we continue building our reputation as a reliable and responsible partner to source quality foodstuff from around the globe.

Sourcing and Partnership

Work directly with farmers to inculcate best practices, in line with the sustainability requirements of international companies.

Trading & Logistic

Import and export of a wide range of consumer and food products by all channels, to and from Myanmar, border trade by road, border trade by boat, air freights and sea freights.

Palm Sugar

Production and supply Palm Sugar as a food ingredient to the international market.


Distribution of quality confectionery products including Trolli Gummy Jelly and Parago Candy Series.

Why Choose Us?
We are an Established & Trusted Name in the Industry Our Time-Tested Solutions Are Proven To Deliver Quality And Service Excellence
Experience & Expertise

As a company we have a reputation for anticipating the needs of our customers. We use a proactive approach to preempt potential issues, and offer customized and forward-thinking solutions to always let you stay ahead of the competition. We are experts in the business of responsible sourcing, importing and exporting. Having been in the business for over 14 years, we have the necessary experience and expertise to help you grow.

Progressive partnerships

We believe in mutual growth. This applies to all our stakeholders. Not just our customers, but also our suppliers and distributors. We believe in the empowerment of the farmers we work. By training and supporting them to adopt our sustainable best practices, we help them gain more acceptability in the market and fetch a better price for their produce. This in turns helps us form lasting relationships of trust, and enables us to serve our customers better.

Quality Assurance

We are a company driven by our customers’ expectations. We align ourselves to your needs. Whether you need prompt delivery or superior product & service quality, with Zawgyi you can rest assured you will have the best of it. Moreover, our total compliance to global sustainability and corporate governance standards ensures that we conduct our business in fair, responsible and ethical manner, enabling all stakeholders across our value chain to benefit from this partnership.

Business Partnership
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