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Zawgyi takes pride in being reliable partners for foreign investors
in the areas of Manufacturing, Logistics and Trading.

Originating as an importer of consumer goods and food products, Zawgyi was established in 2003 with the aim of serving multinational companies in Myanmar - at a time when trading activities were limited in Myanmar. Conceived by husband and wife partners with no other investors, it become first a three-person company then transformed into the multi-million dollar business it is today in 10 short years.

Zawgyi takes pride in being reliable partners for foreign investors in the areas of Manufacturing, Logistics and Distribution. Our track record of maintaining long-term relationships with our customers is one of the trademarks of our incredible service guarantee. Foreign investors see us a reliable partner and we have the credentials and long-term partnerships with partners, customers and suppliers to prove it.

We import foodstuff and consumer products for Myanmar and supply agricultural products to Europe and Asia. In addition, we service Multinational Companies for their local import needs. Our humble beginnings started with border trade between Myanmar and Thailand in 2003. We continue to grow and support the growth of our partners in new and innovative ways.

Zawgyi Premier
Vision & Mission

Our mission is to sustain continuous growth and to enlarge our business as we continue to meet the demand of our customers - while playing our role in the development of Myanmar.
What we do and are proud of
  • Import and export by all channels to Myanmar, border trade by road, border trade by boat, air freights, cold chain by air, as well as sea freights and transit trade through Bangkok and Singapore.
  • Top national supplier of beans for the European market.
  • Warehouse and delivery van service provider.
  • Exclusive distributor of the famous Thailand canned fish and sauces distribute through our partner DKSH, providing us nationwide access to the Myanmar market.
  • Distributor of quality confectionery products YoYo and Tommy jelly series by United Food.
  • Unilever partnership to farm, source, produce and supply Palm Sugar.

Management Team

Thuyein Myint Shwe
Founder & Managing Director

Thuyein served as a Logistics Manager for a Switzerland-based marine cement company and as a manager for local oil field logistics and a mining company before founding Zawgyi Premier.
Sandar Tin Tun
Co-Founder, Director

Sandar worked as a Production Planner at an International Beverage Company before co-founding Zawgyi Premier.
Myint Kyaw Htay

Myint Kyaw Htay worked as a Director for a local agricultural products export company and as a commodity trader before joining Zawgyi Premier.
Win Kyaw

Win Kyaw manages the supply chain activities across the border and is the head of the Zawgyi subsidiary office located at Myanmar and Thailand border.
Yin Yin Htay

With a career spanning 20 years where she has worked with local and foreign firms across the region, Yin Yin brings to Zawgyi extensive experience in finance, import, export and supply chain .

History & Milestones

Zawgyi Premier was established to widen the business since 2003
proof to create outstanding achievements

Zawgyi began in September 2003 in Yangon, Myanmar as a Border Trade Importer under sole proprietorship. Business began with imported products from Thailand for Swiss Multi-National Company, Diethelm & Co., Ltd (DKSH) which operated its business in Myanmar for well-known International brands.

In, 2004 it officially became known as Zawgyi Systems Co., Ltd, a limited company as the business activities grew. In, 2005 Zawgyi Premier Co., Ltd was established to widen the business range. Since then, Zawgyi Premier Co., has grown from strength to strength. Some major company highlights include:

Zawgyi Premier
Some major company highlights include:

  • 2013-2014
  • Achieved sales revenue of over USD 30 million during the fiscal period
    April 2013 – March 2014
  • 2013
  • Farmer training at 170 farmers
  • ISO accreditation for Import, Export, Distribution and Processing of Beans
  • HAACP accreditation for Import, Export, Distribution and Processing of Beans
  • Achieved 10 consecutive years of growth since establishment.
  • 2013-2012
  • Ranked 73rd and 80th amongst top 100 tax payers in Myanmar.
  • 2012
  • Import business earned 15 million.
  • Beans earned 1 million in revenue.
  • Farmer training partnership began with 1 farmer.
  • 2006
  • SGS recommended Zawgyi to European beans buyers
  • 2003
  • Import/export business started in 2003 for DKSH.

Why choose us?

We are an Established & Trustworthy Company, We offer Solutions,
Proven Performance & We Delivery Excellence

As a company we have a reputation for anticipating the needs of our customers - thinking ahead to offer unique solutions to your problems – before you realize you have an issue - we are well on our way to solving it. We are experts in the business of importing and exporting -- having consistent and successful years of experience in this area for over 10 years.

Our business has remained stable since our inception and our customers, mainly foreign investors, have been able to count on our consistent service despite changing rules and regulations within the importation and exportation business.

Our deliveries are always on time and we have never had a shortage or backlog on our orders - or at any point been unable to make a delivery. In our years of service, we have never missed a chance to supply an end-user. Our satisfaction guarantee is that no matter what, our customers and end-users leave satisfied. We commit to – and fulfill on - what we say we will do.

Products & Services

We seized the opportunity to contribute food safety and with partnership with Unilever we are transforming
the farming, sourcing, production and supply of Palm Sugar across Myanmar.

Food is of the utmost concern for everyone in the world. Everyone wants the assurance that the food they consume is completely safe, with proof of traceability to a trustworthy source. The International companies we serve are no exception, they want to buy safe, and high-quality products from a clearly identified source.

Our expertise is sourcing the right products for Myanmar. We work hand in hand with our business partners, manufacturers and suppliers to distribute their products in Myanmar.

Our largest export products are Green Mung Bean and Palm Sugar. For which we are top-rated quality suppliers. From monitoring the seeding process at farms, to shipping out the final product in containers, we provide you a complete one-stop solution for all your food logistic and distribution needs.

Palm sugar is one of our largest potential products as a country with 400,000 tons of palm sugar per year being produced. Unfortunately, this was largely done in poor facilities with no hygiene or food safety. This is where we come in - many of the companies we serve, came to us to help the situation. We seized the opportunity to contribute food safety to this process and due to our partnership with Unilever we are transforming the farming, sourcing, production and supply of Palm Sugar across Myanmar.

Other imports which make up the majority of our business are:
  • FMCG
  • Food stuff
  • Raw materials
  • Sales promotion materials
  • Special lubrications
  • Cleaning materials
  • Medical Equipments
  • Medicines
  • Machinery

Corporate Responsibility

We follow a strict supplier “Code of Conduct” up to international standards
and we apply this to all our business activities.

We believe that as members of a community, we are responsible for it. We follow a strict supplier “Code of Conduct” up to international standards and we apply this to all our business activities. Philanthropically, we are committed to and contribute monthly to many causes near and dear to us. Some of the causes we are passionate about include providing healthcare, education and nutrition support for needy children.

Project Partnership

Farmer Training Program
We retain a close relationship to the farmers and do our best to support them

In addition to our importing and exporting business, we are in the business of training farmers.  We are working hand-in-hand as partner with one of the world biggest Palm Sugar buyers toward the traceability and sustainability its supply.  We believe it is an endeavor which will increase the quality of palm sugar produced in Myanmar – raising it up to international standards - and improving the livelihood of Myanmar Palm Sugar farmers.

Our program began in 2012 with one farmer and just a year later, in 2013, it had grown to 170 farmers who have been trained by us and who are supplying us. Our goal is to educate as many farmers as possible; enabling them to produce quality palm sugar that develops into a successful business they can survive on.  We desire to uplift the social safety of the farmers taking them from overworked farmers with crops unfit for the global marketplace and transforming them into educated and successful farmers with profitable exports.

The way the training works is that our technicians build relationships with the farmers and train them along with the authorized collectors.  We also educate the authorized collectors who are mainly responsible for collecting the harvested product and who supply the needs of the farmers all year round.  

We retain a close relationship to the farmers and do our best to support them whether by having research teams going out and conducting extensive research that will benefit them, or by providing teaching tools like posters, educating and reminding the farmers about what they have learned. The secret to the success of this program is the level of integrity with which we deal with all our farmers.  We fulfill on all our promises, delivering what we promise to thereby building trust in all our participants. 

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